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Aqva-Silk-705 gives the working solution unique properties, enhancing the action of pesticides and improving the penetration of nutrients.
When processing sheet:
1. Provides spreading of the solution on the sheet surface, increasing the wetting area

2. Promotes the penetration of the components of the solution into the leaf apparatus of the plant.

3. Provides a uniform coating of grains with a working solution and reliably holds its elements on the grain when processing seeds.

Active ingredient: polyoxylated siloxane modified with polyester with the addition of alkosilate. Concentration of 100%.

1. Excessive foaming is absent.

2. Ensures the penetration of the components of the solution into the inaccessible parts of plants (sinus leaves, etc.).

3. Fast penetration within 30-40 seconds.

4. Not washed off by precipitation.

5. Activates the action of nutrients.

6. It has a prolonged action for 15 days. Protects the surface of the sheet from contact with adverse environmental factors.

Foliar treatment - dosage of 20 ml per 100 l or 30 ml per 100 l of working solution.

Seed treatment - dosage of 10-20 ml per 1 ton of seeds (per 10 l of working solution).

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