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Phosphorus, which is part of the KORA P7 fertilizer, is in the polymer matrix in ionic form, so it quickly penetrates plant cells and enters metabolic processes. Fertilizer KORA P7 is especially effective in the absence of phosphorus in the soil, as well as at low temperatures, when the absorption of phosphorus from the soil slows down.

Thanks to seed treatment with KORA P7 fertilizer, when they germinate, phosphorus immediately begins to enter the plant, contributing to the development of the root system, and thanks to the polymer matrix, phosphorus continues to “get caught” from the soil and enter the plant.

Application on the sheet KORA P7 (application phase from 3 leaves to the flag leaf) - dosage 0.5 l / ha.

Seed treatment for grain and row crops - dosage 1 l / t.

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