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AQUADON-MICRO - for vegetable crops

Aquadon-Micro fertilizers are used for leaf and root fertilizing of all agricultural crops, fruit and berry and ornamental plants in open and protected ground, in hydroponics, as well as for pre-sowing seed treatment.

"Akvadon-Micro" provides plants with micro and mesoelement easily accessible for the plants form. They can be used at all stages of the growing season.

The effectiveness of the fertilizer system is due to the presence in their composition of a complex of nutrients in an easily accessible form, the duration of action and technological application. Fertilizers are environmentally safe.

Aquadon-Micro fertilizers are water-polymer high - molecular complexes of long hydrocarbon chains with micro-and mesoelements attached to them.

Their main difference from other fertilizers is that the nutrients are contained in the polymer matrix, which provides a long-term and enhanced effect of micro and macroelements, allowing them to sharply reduce their concentration in the composition of fertilizers.

In a joint application of fertilisers with plant protection means, growth stimulants in the composition of the tank mixture of a polymeric matrix enhances the effectiveness of these agrochemicals.

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