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Form No. 1 to help plants

Form No. 1 to help plants

In modern agriculture, many agricultural producers grow varieties and hybrids of an intensive type, which on the one hand are high-yielding, and on the other hand are very sensitive to the presence of nutrients and stress factors, so even not very significant deviations of growing conditions from those that plants need lead to significant losses in yield or product quality. Stimulants that help plants overcome adverse conditions and stimulate better assimilation and use of nutrients are a good help in realizing the potential inherent in a variety or hybrid. One of the best in this line is the drug Form No. 1.

Form No. 1 is a preparation of organic origin, which is produced using modern bioengineering technologies, thanks to which, it qualitatively develops plants at various stages of growth and provides a guaranteed increase in yield and improvement of product quality.

The production is carried out using a unique proprietary technology. The process is based on the production of organic microparticles from natural raw materials without the use of high temperatures and chemical reagents, which allows you to preserve the environmental component. Traditional humates are obtained from peat, coal, ash. The resulting cocktails of humic acids, depending on the methods, contain about 258 groups of molecules. They contain both groups that are necessary for the growth of the plant, and those that interfere with and even disrupt the development of the plant, as well as ballast groups. Our own technology has allowed us to isolate only those substances from the humic cocktail that contribute to the growth and development of the plant. Thanks to this, the plant receives easily digestible nutrition at the intracellular level, which ensures high yield and stable results when used.

The principle of operation of Form No. 1 is based on the mechanism of optimization of the main metabolic processes – metabolism, energy exchange and gas exchange in plants and microorganisms. Different brands of the drug allow you to optimize the metabolic processes in different parts of plants during different periods of vegetation. Thanks to this, a directed and stable result of exposure is achieved.

The main idea of using the drug Form No. 1 is to maximize the development of the plant at key stages: root formation, growth of vegetative mass, flowering. Form No. 1 allows the plant to assimilate all the useful substances and realize its full potential, even in adverse and stressful conditions.

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