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About company

The history of our company began more than 10 years ago. We are the exclusive distributors of European and Russian leaders in the production of leaf food preparations «ASFERTGLOBAL», «Cultifort», «Orgpolymersynthesis» and have representative offices in the regions of the Russian Federation.

The main areas of our activity: leaf nutrition, growth and root formation stimulants, plant diagnostics, development and maintenance of growing technologies. You choose a reliable partner and a quality product!

Professional team
People are the core value of the company. We have talented and experienced specialists.
Fast delivery times
We reduced the average delivery time by road to 3 days. You will not have time to complete the order, as it will already be with you.
Geography of presence
Azur-Niva products are supplied to 20 countries. Russia is a priority supply region where the company is one of the leaders in the supply of fertilizers.
Sustainable development
We adhere to a strategic approach to the development of activities in the field of ecology, social investments and corporate governance.
Support for the cultivation of field crop
  • The use of innovative processes in the agricultural sector in the design and implementation of environmentally friendly and cost-effective production technologies.
  • The use of modern achievements of world science and advanced technology, accompanied by the cultivation of field crops.
  • The ability to independently organize and conduct research using modern methods of analysis of soil and plant samples.
  • Optimization of plant development to realize the potential of field crops.
  • Management of the course of crop formation and the quality of the main products in specific cultivation conditions.
Tissue diagnostics

Tissue diagnostics is carried out in order to further optimize the mineral nutrition of cereals and to ensure the need for nitrogen. You can determine the need for fertilizer application and doses to obtain high-quality grain using tissue diagnostics.

Diagnosis is carried out in wheat in the phase of exit into the tube. Plants in this period accumulate a significant amount of nitrogen in the lower tiers of the stem. It must be remembered that tissue diagnostics is carried out on wheat crops placed according to the best predecessors with a high level of phosphorus in the soil.

Diagnosis is carried out on freshly cut plants at 8-9 in the morning. Take a segment of the lower part of the main stem up to 1 cm long for analysis. Prediction of grain quality by tissue diagnostics involves the determination of nitrates in the tissues of the stems of fresh plants. The detection of nitrate nitrogen is based on its color reaction with the reagent, which results in blue staining. The nitrogen concentration in plants is determined by the intensity of the color of the juice. The need of plants for nitrogen fertilizers is determined by the results of coloring.

Phytosanitary monitoring

Phytosanitary monitoring is one of the main activities of the scientific and consulting department of the Company. Specialists of the scientific and consulting department conduct phytosanitary monitoring on all grain, row crops and industrial crops, concluding an agreement with farms on phytosanitary support of crops.

Phytosanitary monitoring makes it possible to predict and control the development and spread of diseases, as well as the stages of development and the number of pests and their entomophages. Due to this, the agricultural producer controls the entire process of crop formation. This fact allows you to get the planned yield and excellent product quality.

Phytopathological studies include:

  • Determination of the nature of the disease.
  • Prediction of development and harmfulness.
  • Recommendations for plant protection.
  • Rapid identification, control and prevention of pests.

Entomological research includes:

  • Early detection of pests in crops.
  • Determination of the stage of development of the pest.
  • Determination of the number of pests and their entomophage.
  • Recommendations and selection of insecticide taking into account the antiresistance strategy

Functional leaf diagnostics

Mineral nutrition is one of the most important regulated factors for increasing plant productivity in the process of crop formation.

Diagnosis of mineral nutrition of plants - a method for determining the needs of crops in nutrients. The lack of one of the macro- or microelements limits the consumption of all other elements.

Functional rapid diagnostics is a method for determining the needs of plants in macro-, meso- and microelements based on the determination of the photochemical activity of chloroplasts. Specialists of the scientific and consulting department conduct functional express diagnostics of plant nutrition in a specific field for 1 hour. Specialist - agrochemist gives recommendations for foliar top dressing, based on the need of plants for nutrients, based on the results.

Conducting leaf functional express diagnostics allows you to qualitatively approach the strategy of cultivating crops:

  • Timely determine the nutritional needs of all cultures in 14 basic nutritional elements even before the appearance of visual signs of starvation.
  • Effectively select the composition of the necessary fertilizers.
  • Realize the potential of crop yields.
  • Increase plant resistance to stress.
  • Increase plant immunity to disease.
  • Get a better crop.