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«Сultifort» is a family business founded in 1981.

It is engaged in the production of fertilizers and biostimulants designed to increase crop yields. In 24 countries around the world they use «Cultifort» products in real time.

The entire range of organic products for agriculture, which is presented in the «Cultifort» line, meets the most stringent quality requirements, as went through a rigorous research process to improve plant nutrition, control, creation and manufacture.

«Cultifort» is focused on solving plant nutrition problems and dealing with certain physiological changes associated with improper care.



«ASFERTGLOBAL» is a biotechnology-oriented company. Its employees strive to increase productivity and reduce the environmental impact in modern agriculture. Several product lines have focused mainly on new organic molecules of natural origin derived from plant extracts over the past years.

«ASFERTGLOBAL» products help farmers to farm more successfully. These drugs ensure sustainable production and high income due to the efficient use of fertilizers and reduce environmental impact.



«Orgpolymersynthesis» is a subdivision of CJSC «Robell Technology SPB», which is part of the holding «ROSENZHINIRING».

«Orgpolymersynthesis» is currently one of the leading Russian enterprises in the production of polymer raw materials with a production volume of more than 3,000 tons of finished products per year. It was founded in 1989.

«Orgpolymersynthesis» has gone from a research laboratory organized by a group of enthusiasts at the Institute of High Molecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IVS RAS) to a modern, innovative chemical production.