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Penorex, CE

1. What is «Penorex» used for?

  • to reduce the preparation time of the working solution;
  • for error-free dosing of agricultural products;
  • for an error-free preparation of the desired volume of the working solution;
  • for the correct operation of the sprayer pumps and injectors;
  • to avoid contamination of the equipment with chemicals.

2. The principle of operation of «Penorex»:

The drug «Penorex», due to the active distribution, prevents foaming during mixing and dosing of working solutions, as well as actively neutralizes the already formed foam. The preparation «Penorex» is able to neutralize foam in open and closed systems, as well as in systems operating under pressure in a wide temperature range (from 0 to 100).

3. Advantages of the drug «Penorex»:

  • effective action at minimal dosages (1 ml per 100 liters of working solution), the formation of foam is reduced almost completely;
  • it is effective at PH values from 1 to 12;
  • it is effective for any indicators of water hardness;
  • it does not have a phytotoxic effect on plants with overdoses (up to 20 norms);
  • retains its effectiveness in the working solution for a long time (up to 30 days);
  • it does not form harmful fumes in the process of working with the drug;
  • it is not dangerous for humans, warm-blooded animals, insects;
  • it is subject to biodegradation, does not pollute the soil.

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