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Emerald drop

It is used in the active phases of vegetative growth and fruiting of plants.

It enhances the following physiological and biochemical processes in plants:

  • Activation of photosynthesis, which is characterized by a bright green color of plants;
  • Stimulation of reproductive processes, which is diagnosed by the density of flowering;
  • The increased accumulation of sugars and dry substances in the fruits and tubers of plants, as evidenced by their rich taste;
  • Promotes active adaptation of plants to adverse and stressful conditions;

The drug "Emerald Drop" is intended for widespread use in vegetable growing and ornamental gardening.

Recommendations for the use of the drug "Emerald Drop" and dosage:

  • Root dressing and use in drip irrigation systems: 10 ml per 10 l of water, in conditions of severe nutritional deficiency, increase the concentration to 20 ml per 10 l;
  • Spraying: 20 ml per 10 l of water
  • Shake the preparation before use!

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