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S Рrogen finisher

S Progen is a group of mineral fertilizers, which is produced on the basis of a protein of plant origin, and as a protein organic substance of living matter in its value and biological function, provides fast and high-quality assimilation of N : P : K, trace elements and vitamins of group B and C contained in the S Progen component (C Progen).

S Progen works on the accumulation of moisture included in the composition of dry substances (in the grain in the form of polysaccharide crystallohydrates), which is destroyed with great difficulty at high temperatures.

S Progen, with a high protein content, provides fast nutrient conduction and additional energy to the plant's metabolic system.

S Progen finisher - provides filling and increases the content of dry substances, protein and gluten in the grain. Performs intensive and high-quality filling of vegetable and fruit and berry crops.

Leaf feeding for grain crops in the phase of the beginning of milk ripeness - a dosage of 0.5-1 kg/ha.

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