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Amacol contains free amino acids, peptides, polypeptides and reducing sugars, providing fast and complete assimilation of all nutrition elements by the leaf surface and plant roots, shortens the recovery period of plants after exposure to negative factors. Reducing sugars promote the absorption of nutrients at low temperatures, as well as the rapid formation of proteins with the least energy expenditure. As a result of energy saving, a balance is achieved between photosynthesis and plant respiration, which helps the plant to get out of stressful situations faster, grain filling processes are improved, which contributes to improving the quality of grain.

Foliar top dressing for grain crops in the earing phase — the beginning of filling: 0.5 l/ha.
Foliar top dressing for grain crops in the tillering phase — output into the tube: 0.3–0.4 l/ha.
Foliar top dressing for row crops: 0.3-0.5 l/ha.

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