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Schemes for the use of Azur-Niva preparations on spring barley

Phases of cultural development


Application doses, in l, kg


Seed treatment together with protectants

Sprintalga + Aqvasilk

0.5+0.02 per 1t

Increase field germination, strengthen the development of the root system..


S Progen growth + Aqvasilk

0,5+0,025 for 1ga

The system provides fast and friendly regrowth of the vegetative mass of plants. Relieves stress and activates the full absorption of nutrients.

Fylloton + Aqvasilk + herbicide

0,3-0,5+0,025 per 1 ha+herbicide

Removes herbicidal stress from plants, stimulates the development of plants.

GSN + Aquadon-Micro grain

0.5+1 per 1ga

Activates the growth processes of plants. Increases immunity to a complex of diseases. Compensates for the need for trace elements.

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GSN + Aquadon-Micro universal + fungicide

0.5+1 per 1ga + fungicide

Improves and prolongs the action of the fungicide due to the polymer-cellular complex of Aquadon. During the period of active plant growth, it compensates for the lack of nutrients.

Drip Fert + Aqvasilk

2+0.025 per 1ga

Due to the fact that the batteries are in an accessible form, we compensate for their lack during the period of intensive plant growth.

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