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Prospects for the effective use of innovative drugs Azur-Niva LLC in sunflower

Briefly about the main thing.

Interest in innovative drugs for crops in the modern climate and severe stresses on plant organisms is increasing.

The use of innovative drugs and plant growth regulators to obtain high-quality and yielding products is very relevant and demanded as much as possible by agricultural producers both in Russia and in countries near and far abroad.

The use of innovative drugs developed by the largest European and Russian leaders, such as «ASFERTGLOBAL», «Cultifort», «Orgpolymersynthesis», the exclusive distributor of which is the Azur-Niva agricultural technology combine (hereinafter - Azur-Niva LLC) for a wide range of crops, helps to increase metabolism , strengthens the processes of root formation, adapts plants to stressful conditions, helps to increase photosynthetic activity.

The most important oilseed crop in Russia.

Sunflower is the main oilseed crop, which is the most competitive and highly profitable in the field of agribusiness, specializing in crop production.

The cultivation of sunflower is fraught with certain difficulties that must not only be ascertained, but also accurately overcome on the way to a successful combination of high yield and extremely achievable quality, given the statistically significant trends in agroclimatic instability.

Sunflower has a very wide range of cultivation: from the North Caucasus to Siberia in the Russian Federation, as well as in Ukraine, Moldova and some regions of Kazakhstan.

Morphobiology of sunflower.

Sunflower is characterized by high drought tolerance, erect stem, its green color, which remains until the seeds ripen. The latter quality (preservation of the green color of the stem) is directly related to the resistance of the plant to its damage by phytopathogens.

Sunflower leaves are large, with long petioles. Their number on the plant is closely related to the length of the growing season of the crop.

Considering the fact that a plant spends an average of about 3 days on the formation of the 1st leaf, the growing season will be about 105 days under optimal conditions for the growth and development of the crop.

A characteristic feature of sunflower is excessive vegetative growth of leafy biomass, in contrast to the harvest of seeds, which is only 25% of the above indicator.

Prerequisites for the use of innovative sunflower products.

The following prerequisites must be observed in the agrotechnological process of sunflower cultivation, so that the application of innovative drugs makes its total contribution to the projected yield and quality of agricultural products.

The main ones are:

- Selection of a variety (hybrid) in accordance with the agroclimatic conditions of the crop cultivation zone. It is advisable and highly recommended that scientists and agricultural practitioners use seeds of zoned varieties (hybrids) for sowing;

- Minimum pre-sowing tillage (harrowing and pre-sowing cultivation) in order to preserve moisture, accelerate heating and preserve the optimal structure of the upper soil layer;

- Strict crop rotation compliance. The following crops cannot be predecessors of sunflower: sugar beets, Sudan grass, alfalfa, due to their powerful soil-drying effect. The precursors of sunflower are: winter and spring ears of corn, corn for silage, corn for grain. The return of sunflower to its former place of cultivation (according to many years of experimental data) is possible only after 8-10 years;

- Use for sowing calibrated, pickled and inlaid seed material.

The use of innovative drugs of Azur-Niva LLC is possible already at the stage of inlaid sunflower seeds. The preparation of tank mixtures based on compositions of various disinfectants and biostimulants creates the necessary conditions for this.

Innovative preparation Form No. 1 root-forming agent 1l / t + KORA P7 1l / t can be recommended for inclusion in the composition for inlaying sunflower seeds. The features of this drug are its synergistic interaction with other components of the tank mixture, as well as antidepressant properties as a plant adaptogen in conditions of forced chemical stress;

- The optimal timing of sunflower sowing. These periods are due to soil warming at a depth of 10 cm to + 10-12 ℃. The soil reaches physical ripeness, and annual weeds germinate, which allows them to be destroyed in advance. Sunflower seedlings will be friendly and leveled in 12-14 days;

- Agrochemical examination of the soil in order to determine its availability of basic nutrients, especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium;

Compliance with the preconditions will allow the use of innovative preparations of Azur-Niva LLC, which is expedient and with maximum return in any agroclimatic zones of sunflower cultivation.

The use of innovative drugs in key phases of the development of sunflower.

The four main phenological phases of development are visually determined in sunflower during the growing season, namely:

- Shoots (on the surface disconnected cotyledons);

- Budding (an asterisk is formed from the outer leaves of the basket);

- Flowering (extreme reed flowers bloom);

- Ripening (yellowing of the back of the basket, drying of reed flowers);

Sunflower selectively feels the need for various elements of mineral nutrition, especially such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The role of each of this agrochemical triad (NPK) of elements is irreplaceable.

Nitrogen (N) contributes to the growth of vegetative mass, phosphorus (P) is involved in the processes of root formation and flowering, potassium (K) regulates the outflow of assimilates during photosynthesis, as well as transpiration processes, increasing the drought tolerance of plants during extreme periods of growth and development.

The use of drugs can be divided into three stages, including pre-sowing seed treatment with the drug Form No. 1 root-forming agent 1l / t + Bark P7 1l / t.

It is at the first stage of slow initial growth that sunflower urgently needs phosphorus to activate germination energy, field germination and root formation processes.

At the second stage (from the emergence of seedlings to 2-5 leaves) of enhanced root formation and the possible use of herbicides for weed control, the following options for foliar treatments with KAT Azur-Niva LLC are recommended, namely:

- Filoton 0.3 l / ha + KORA B 0.25 l / ha (if herbicides were used); this composition relieves herbicidal stress in sunflower plants after treatment;

- KORA P7 (if no herbicides were used); contains phosphorus in an easily digestible form of a polymer matrix;

- S Progen first 0.4 kg / ha + KORA B 0.25 l / ha contributes to the development of the root system and activation of reproductive processes during the formation of the basket;

The third stage (5-8 leaf or budding phase) is very important in terms of laying the potential yield.

Given that plants in this period are most vulnerable to stressful effects, the following compositions of innovative adaptogen preparations are recommended:

- Form No. 1 0.5l / ha + KORA Bor 0.3l / ha

- Form No. 1 0.5l / ha + Aquadon-Micro 1l / ha.

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