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Schemes of application of Azur-Niva preparations on winter wheat

Phases of cultural development


Application doses, in l, kg


Seed treatment together with protectants

Sprintalga+ Aqvasilk

0,5+0,02 for 1t

Increase field germination, strengthen the development of the root system.

Spring regrowth of plants

Sprintalga+ Aqvasilk

0,2+0,025 for 1 ga

To relieve stress from plants after unfavorable conditions of the winter period, which allows plants to resume vegetation earlier. Improve the development of the secondary root system.

Fylloton+ Aqvasilk

0,3-0,5+0,025 for 1 ga

To relieve stress from plants after unfavorable conditions of the winter period, to stimulate the growth of vegetative mass.


Коrа P8%

0,5 for 1 ga

Due to the fact that phosphorus is in ionic form, it quickly penetrates into the plant cell and improves metabolic processes. Promotes tillering and growth of the root system.

Brentax triple + Aqvasilk

0,3+0,025 for 1 ga

Promotes the development of equivalent shoots during tillering, as well as the development of the root system.

Fylloton + Aqvasilk + herbicide

0,3-0,5+0,025 for 1ga +herbicide

Removes herbicidal stress from plants, stimulates plant development.

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Коrа P22%К23%

0,3-0,5+0,025 for 1ga

Since the spikelets are laid during this phase, it is necessary to compensate for the lack of phosphorus and potassium.

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GSN+Aqua Don

0,5+1 for 1ga

In the phase of rapid plant growth, it allows you to save energy for vital processes and compensate for the intensive consumption of trace elements.

Flag Sheet

Aquadon-Micro vegetable or universal + fungicide

1 per 1ga+fungicide

Strengthen the filling of grain due to trace elements and sulfur which is part of the protein.

The beginning of earing

Коrа P22%К23% + fungicide

0,3-0,5+0,025 for 1ga+fungicide

Improving the quality of grain, fighting fusarium ear.

Filling of grain

Aquadon-Micro vegetable +urea

1per1ga +urea

Due to the polymer cellular complex Aquadon-Micro, the effect is prolonged and the penetration of urea into the plant improves, as well as the quality of grain improves due to trace elements and sulfur contained in Aquadon.

S Progen finisher + Aqvasilk

0,5+0,025 for 1ga

Transfer of nutrients from leaves to grains.

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